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August 06, 2006

Burberry shop opening Sydney


I went with Patty & Kent to the flagship store opening of Burberry in Sydney, 3 stories of burberry delights


I like how they did the decorations outside on the footpath, the ceiling of the awning covered in umbrellas and then alongside the gutter, mannequins decked out in the trademark trenchcoats


inside , the new must have Burberry bag


let's see if I can take one for Bryan boy, sorry Bryan , I tried , but the security guy at the door grabbed me by the collar as I tried to leave


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hehehe, ok , so some of you don't like Burbery out there, fair enough. But you can't go past their classic trenchcoat (and Gemma Ward look alright in the latest ads )

I have to agree, lol

Everytime I think of Burberry, I think of old asian women covered in that ugly, horrid check.

Yuck, sorry but I hate Burberry.

Total bogan wear in the UK!

That's just gorgeous!

Wow! The facade looks GORGEOUS!

I think you're better off pulling a winona ryder at Hermes. The folks at Burberry are skilled when it comes to shoplifting. They're highly-trained especially because of the chavs... *wink*


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