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95 posts from December 2006

December 31, 2006

Me and mi mate da possum

Again, super stoked I got to pat it on the back

They are very trepid little creatures, so that's why I'm stoked to be actually feeding and touching it

Off he goes with a juicy piece of carrot



What cha looking at ? There's a bandicoot coming to try and steal some of my food and limelight

Bandicoots are unique to Australia, and are a protected species , as their numbers are in decline, but here , on the northern beaches, they seem to be doing OK, lot of early settlers mistook them fore big bush rats, because of their tail and long nose, but they most certainly are no rat

He came to check out the tunes

Not scared of Tim's music taste

They're so cute

Yep lovin' those tunes and strawberry cake

More of possum

Some more pics that I took last night at Tims place

Sitting high up in the palm trees in Tim's backyard


Surf's a bit wind blown, so I went for a little walk around the rocks at North Whale beach, it's where I did a shoot with Yvette last year, so I though I'd go check it out a bit more in detail to possibly do a shoot here again

Nice weather eroded patterns on the sandstone boulders

cloudy view of Palm beach and Barrenjoey headland from North Whale rocks

This is a nice little spot, I'll try to take another shot of this when the sun's out

Back at whale beach, and the clouds have parted again a little, so I decide to go and get wet even though the waves are pretty tiny, check the guy with his easel, nice spot to paint hey Amber

Not , that'snot one of Tim's bungers


That's a breadstick that I'm feeding the possum, this one was really tame and let me pat him on the back, which you have to be very carefull with as they have extremely sharp claws for climbing trees, and could easily cut my arm to bits, but the temptation was to strong, as I find them to be such a cute animal.When I had my house in Palm beach, on a warm night I had all the windows open, and the glass sliding doors, I would be laying on the floor, and a possum with it's kid would come inside , and walk right up to me sniffing madly for any bits of food . I feel that both my dad and I have a way with wild animals



Tim's great loves are, making surf films, cricket and letting off crackers and bungers, the bigger the better, he's showing off his new packet of bungers called the widow maker, yepped, they're loud

At Tim's place


Tim Bonython, aka Timmy Bee, is having a little Barbie at this place for family and friends, and he has a great backyard, lots of Palm trees.

December 30, 2006

Since when is an escalation a surge

I mean, to play with words , is sending out misleading information. Think a bout it, a surge, then look at the numbers, sounds more like escalation then doesn't it. But to "escalate " a war, would not sound well for the government, so they call it a surge

Is hanging really a good option ?

I don't need to be reminded of all the evils he is accused off, but we need to remember that he was in very tight with the then defense secretary, the white house and pentagon in the late 70 's and early 80's. So if he goes , so does a lot of unanswered questions from the going on in that period ( how convenient for some ) Plus , as this New York time article points out, does it really solve anything in the current situation ?