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September 10, 2008


Daul, who has her own blog " I like to fork myself "

This picture , to answer Matt's question if it gets any better, I don't know if it is better, but definitely as special as the others n'est pas

Iek snapping away as well, while they fix her hair

Let's disco :-)

Ieeeek ! ! !

A new take on leggings

Mi Mate Kinga

Abbey-Lee and this new girl who's name I haven't gotten yet, but boy, she reminds of that dutch girl Jacomien that I met in Arnhem, I think it is the eyes

Another 2 of mi mates, Heidi and Aggy

All that's missing in this shot is Iekeliene





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please...don'tcum on my blog, I ran out of tissues to clean it up

hello sonny, i've been reading bryanboy and diane's blogs for over a year now, and i don't unerstand WHY i never knew you had a blog. i love your pictures on diane's!!! they are always amazing. i've saved so many of them! (oops, am i even allowed to? it's for personal use and inspiration!) anyway, i've subscribed to your blog and will be back to check more! thanks again!!

FUCK! I think I just came a little. I need to update my Rodarte post immediately!

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