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January 26, 2009


rehearsal _BA30993
me, in reflection, rugged up , unlike a few days ago_BA31020 line up_BA31025
Jacqui said it was about time I put some boys on my blog, after all those fashion models_BA31028 _BA31040 _BA31044 _BA31047 _BA31052 _BA31064 _BA31069 _BA31071 _BA31085 _BA31093 _BA31116
Designer Jean-Paul Knott ( have not seen him for a while, as he no longer does his own womans collection, but he does do a haute couture collection, and ofcourse this men collection for Cerruti )_BA31127 _BA31148 _BA31158


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Thankyou honey. It is a refreshing change as I lie on my bed in a painful stupor. Nice to see some perky ones having fun too. I must say you would look quite dashing in one of those Thierry Mugler leather jackets

heheheh, not all of them , but yeah, you're right

Great to see boys on your blog, but they are all so.......serious!

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