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January 26, 2009

Hugo , Hugo Boss

Bruno Pieters designing fro Hugo Boss, and a little bit of a big deal, as this is the first time Hugo Boss is showing in Paris ( they usually show in Berlin ) and I have a feeling Bruno is largely responsible for that_BA39586
Detail of Bruno's sleeve, ready to do the final touches _BA39622 _BA39635
loving this look ( Bruno, feel free to dress me )_BA39660
Love the tie_BA39675 _BA39682 _BA39698 _BA39711 _BA39719 _BA39735 _BA39747 _BA39781 _BA39796 _BA39804 _BA39814 _BA39827 _BA39848 _BA39867 _BA39883 _BA39899 _BA39922 _BA39942 _BA39954 _BA39969
Finished, a successful show and a smiling Bruno


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I really like the checkered and black and white clothing, looks gorgeous.


Great collection! Love the way you put them all together. Nice post!


I was really pleased to see the guys here having fun with it all. Yes they are skinny, and possibly a little more feminine than your average bloke, but what about the female models? Are they examples of your average girl? Certainly not, and for many, their bodies are decidedly unfeminine. So that's models for ya!
Of course from a perve factor, I might prefer a more blokey look - I guess that's more the domain of the photographers, so I'll have to keep perving at them, I mean him. ;)

Well, I prefer them like this as opposed to a row of Markus Schenkenbergs, to me , these are like the guys I see on the street or in the cafe, sure, they are no men looking like men as in tradesmen, but if he were to use tradesmen the clothes would not fit, and that is not the market they go for I guess

these guys honestly look like chicks, whatever happened to men just looking like men. They look as though they need to be in womens clothes

Hey! So nice to see some of the guys smiling, having fun and mucking around. Good on them for having fun!!! They don't look as serious as the guys in the last lot of photo's that I commented on. Always nice to see a smile.

This collection completely surprised me - it is amazing. Shamefully, I never pay much attention to Hugo - how wrong I am. The cropped jackets are to die for, as are the prints. Sigh....can I have one?

what, you rather big buffed men, with perfectly chiselled features ?

That must be the ugliest bunch of poofs i've ever seen. And i just bought a pair of boss trousers!! Could be the last time! Get some guys up there for gods sake!

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