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April 26, 2009

Friedrich Gray

Eyebrows_AUS8913 _AUS8923 Mak ( remember her from Berlin fashion week ) and Hannah ( actually was also there in Berlin )_AUS8925 _AUS8931 taking pics with my camera_AUS8937 Eyes_AUS8954 _AUS8974 Miss Glasby_AUS8985 Emma Balfour, is this the first shot of Emma back doing runway shows ?_AUS8991 Sophie, Kerry and new girl_AUS9003 _AUS9006 Like the hair on Hannah_AUS9018 _AUS9021 _AUS9034 _AUS9037 Emma B._AUS9051 _AUS9057 _AUS9075 _AUS9079 Emma, and Friedrich designer Ben Pollitt


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yay for Emma B!!! i told her she was hot when i saw her pushing a pram in Bondi once! Yay for older models & yay yay for ben pollitt... love that dress she is wearing

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