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May 07, 2009

Romance Was Born beauty

Some morning sustenance _SYD6808 Stazia_SYD6824
Rachel Rutt having a quick 8 am nap_SYD6838 _SYD6839 _SYD6846 _SYD6852 _SYD6862 Tanya Gacic is modelling again, 2nd time I see her this week, she was in the Ellery show as well_SYD6863 Red Caviar lips _SYD6878 and she's getting spray painted as well ( red lobster ? )_SYD6879 All is being documented by a knitted octopus_SYD6886 Simone Kerr_SYD6892 Patty has labelled it Octopus Hood_SYD6913 _SYD6932 _SYD6972 _SYD6996 _SYD7026 _SYD7098


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actually i think Octo-Bonnet is probably more appropriate.

A highlight of Sydney Fashion Week


Simone Kerr's makeup etc reminds me of characters I saw in a Lindsay Kemp production many moons ago.

The whole Lindsay Kemp show was so dreamlike & fantastical, that I still remember it is one of the most creative pieces of theatre I have ever seen.

The 'Romance Was Born' stuff is creative, isn't it? Very refreshing to look at.

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