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September 30, 2009

My other half


Jacqui, who has a mad craving for these cheesy doodle thingies from Sweden, ( gsus, I forgot the name of them now, she's gonna kill me for not remembering ) well, she's been looking for some sort of american replacement, and close, but no cigar. But this packet will make it on the plane with her on the way back to Australia


So here we are in the town car on the way to the airport. It was Jacqui's first trip to New York, she just wanted to be by my side and be there for me , for my first exhibition in New York, to help me out I guess ,and also because she is proud for me I guess. And thank gawd she came, I thought I was going to be able to everything myself, and had a few people say they would help me if needed ( they never came through when I called ) So yeah, I thought no worries, it will all work out. Not so, few little hick ups and change of plans, so it really put me behind the eight ball there for a minute. Like the panels, I thought it would take me an hour ( took more than half the day ) Putting the panels up , just could not do on my own, let alone putting the photos up, so the whole way through, Jacs was there by my side , helping me out, and like I said thank gawd she did. If not I probably would have ended up not being able to go to some of the fashion shows. And then when I had the photos stolen the evening before the opening, I had to rely on Jacqui to put up the replacements as I had to race out to cover the shows. But it did not stop there, during the day , when I would be out shooting, she would be in the hotel, processing the pictures and making high res photos, plus sending a selection of photos to Diane, so she could post some up dates from new york on her blog .


so here we are cuddling in the town car on our way to the airport. she to Sydney, me to Europe. And I'm already wondering how I am going to do all this again in Milan and Paris without her. Was so nice to come home from the shows to her, where as now in Paris it will be an empty bed, an empty hard drive waiting for the pictures and the software to process high res photos.
Thanks honey for deciding to come to New York and be there for me


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Thanks, Sonny.
Cheez Doodles, by the way.

Freddy, you're a funny guy. :)

good on you Jac!

Sounds like you have a great partnership going on there. I have one of those too. We are both very lucky.

I mean wedding ?


when's the marriage ?

very lonely

Yay for Jac... hope the bed isn't too lonely Sonny...

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