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October 18, 2009

An afternoon at the Boudica showroom with Diane and Miguel

On one of the days during Paris fashion week, I meet up with Diane Pernet, as you do, and Miguel Villalobos.
We visited a few showrooms, which can be viewed on Diane's site here & here , plus a video as well .
But the highlight was the Boudicca showroom, big , spacious with a great lookign house model and a couple of Hmi lights set up. I look at Miguel , suggested I move the light for him so we could do some shots in the garden, and the rest is history. It was so much fun, I never shot a model or been on any shoot, where i would be photographing a model, and there would be another photographer with me, shooting the smae model at the same, I mean, it's not something new, Inez and Vinoodh, Mert & Marcus, it's just tha tI never did it before, never thought about it, and I think Miguel was the perfecr person for me to do this with, andway enough talk, let's check the pics._PRS5161
That was fun, Thanks Zowie for letting us take over your showroom for a couple of hours, and big thanks to swedish model Emma Birks
N.B. I have just been corrected by Helena Pataki of the models surname, it is Emma Tsirk, and you can see zombie picture of her by clicking here


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red dress standing is quite artful, a romantic poem and a passionate painting.

oh thanks for the link! love ur blog!

I stand corrected
Tsirk it is

lovely but a little correction, its emma tsirk! :D:D:D

Thank you for your blog It is very nice.


Thanks MArtin


Beautiful location, beautiful clothes and a beautiful model. Really great photos. MB.

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