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March 13, 2010

Moschino AW10 Collection

_MIL2492MoschinoSonnyPhotos Hanne Gaby_MIL2502MoschinoSonnyPhotos Miss Kulikova ( ROCKS ! )_MIL2505MoschinoSonnyPhotos Vanessa Hegelmaier_MIL2524MoschinoSonnyPhotos The other rocker, Miss Moldovan_MIL2536MoschinoSonnyPhotos Anna Kuchinka_MIL2552MoschinoSonnyPhotos The two rockers together ( finalkly ) Diana & Irina_MIL2558MoschinoSonnyPhotos Bianca Balti ( having a great comeback season- well, she never really went away though did she )_MIL2561MoschinoSonnyPhotos Hannah & Dorothea_MIL2575MoschinoSonnyPhotos Anna, Regina Feoktistova & Alla_MIL2579MoschinoSonnyPhotos Marike Le Roux_MIL2590MoschinoSonnyPhotos Heidi_MIL2598MoschinoSonnyPhotos Kirby Kenny ( and the about to become super famous in Oz, Travis , stocking up in the background )


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what a funny name.

Really nice beauty shots. you know I want to borrow that lens.

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