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March 30, 2010

Sandra Backlund Paris AW10 showroom

_PAR8342SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8360SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8362SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8371SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8376SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8378SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8379SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos _PAR8386SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos Of course I just had to pop in and see Sandra Backlund, and she always amazes me with her latest pieces. If you are familiar with her work, then yes, you will be familiar with the sculptural element, but the change here is that it is not knitwear for a change. Anyway, there you have it folks, nearly 3 weeks since the last model left the runway, and the lights turned off, I finally finish my report on the AW2010 season. It all started with me leaving Sydney on the 12th of January and then criss crossing north Europe and the Atlantic, was fun, but cold and it took me a while to get it all posted because it has been a busy time for me , but more on that later_PAR8392SandraBacklundSonnyPhotos


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looking at her pieces makes me so happy for some reason.
ear to ear smile right now.


Sandra is so talented, such intricate structure and manipulation with fabric.

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