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March 29, 2010

Ungaro AW10 collection

_PAR6838EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Kori Richardson_PAR6845EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Alana Zimmer_PAR6847EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Tati Cotliar_PAR6851EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Yuli Leontieva_PAR6855EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Valerija Kelava_PAR6858EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Siri Tollerod_PAR6866EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Tanya Dziahileva_PAR6877EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Marina Peres_PAR6884EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Irina Kulikova_PAR6896EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Madisyn Ritland_PAR6909EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Tanya D._PAR6926EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Siri_PAR6936EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Marlena Szoka_PAR6942EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Kim Noorda_PAR6946EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Irina K._PAR6960EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Denisa Dvorakova & Madisyn_PAR6982EmanuelUngaroSonnyPhotos Estrella ( much better sans LiLo )


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she's the best


Your Irina K photos never cease to crack me up!

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