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March 29, 2010

Valentino AW10 Collection

_PAR9193ValentinoSonnyPhotos Tati_PAR9196ValentinoSonnyPhotos Sara_PAR9197ValentinoSonnyPhotos Kamila_PAR9205ValentinoSonnyPhotos Kasia_PAR9208ValentinoSonnyPhotos Edita_PAR9215ValentinoSonnyPhotos Katie_PAR9218ValentinoSonnyPhotos Dorothea_PAR9220ValentinoSonnyPhotos Siri_PAR9224ValentinoSonnyPhotos Anabela_PAR9226ValentinoSonnyPhotos Joan_PAR9227ValentinoSonnyPhotos Sasha_PAR9236ValentinoSonnyPhotos Jenny_PAR9239ValentinoSonnyPhotos Iselin_PAR9241ValentinoSonnyPhotos Caroline_PAR9244ValentinoSonnyPhotos Shu Pei_PAR9247ValentinoSonnyPhotos Freja_PAR9249ValentinoSonnyPhotos Mirte_PAR9254ValentinoSonnyPhotos Katie_PAR9258ValentinoSonnyPhotos Sigrid_PAR9260ValentinoSonnyPhotos Anna_PAR9262ValentinoSonnyPhotos Patricia_PAR9268ValentinoSonnyPhotos Jac_PAR9271ValentinoSonnyPhotos Sasha_PAR9281ValentinoSonnyPhotos Tati & Katie_PAR9282ValentinoSonnyPhotos Mirte_PAR9289ValentinoSonnyPhotos Hanne & Iselin_PAR9300ValentinoSonnyPhotos Gwen Loos


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Love the shoes. They are just classy.
Love that red ruffle on Jac too. You could have got that for me. That would have been really nice :)

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