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April 13, 2010

Duomo, Milan, Italy

IMG_6356SonnyPhotos-pola love that you can just walk on the roofIMG_6359SonnyPhotos-pola so much to see up hereIMG_6360SonnyPhotos-pola gargoyle's , a favourite wordIMG_6361SonnyPhotos-pola the design ! the build, incredible. In todays age, it would be impossible, which is weird when you really start to think about itIMG_6362SonnyPhotos-pola detail detail everywhere you lookIMG_6363SonnyPhotos-pola
18th century porn on church roof ?IMG_6365SonnyPhotos-pola column after colum, but on every pinacle a different pattern, object or face and so manyIMG_6371SonnyPhotos-pola
IMG_6373SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6374SonnyPhotos-pola everywhere you look , so many little ( or big ) detailsIMG_6375SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6377SonnyPhotos-pola row after row after row, and like I said, ever corner, feauture, a different detailIMG_6382SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6387SonnyPhotos-pola there was air coming out of his mouthIMG_6385SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6386SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6388SonnyPhotos-pola how awesome, a rare clear blue sky day and you can see the snow covered alps from the Duomo roofIMG_6391SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6392SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6393SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6394SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6395SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6397SonnyPhotos-pola Chillin' on the roof.
This is all thanks to Iekeliene, who explored this roof last season with Peter, and suggested I do it as well, and glad I did. Here I am sitting on the roof in the sun, totally relaxed, letting the sun's rays warm me up after the long cold days of shows in Milan, listen to Pantha Du Prince on Iphone, totally chilled !IMG_6400SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6401SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6402SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6404SonnyPhotos-pola little gecko'sIMG_6405SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6409SonnyPhotos-pola IMG_6410SonnyPhotos-pola
after exiting the Duomo and having just taken the above pic, I thought it was funny to be confronted by this poster from one of the local politiciansIMG_6412SonnyPhotos-pola


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something to be said for slave labour.
seriously: it's amazing what they were able to achieve without the technology of today.

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