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May 26, 2010

Akira Isogawa Showroom SS10 Sydney

_AFW3762AkiraSonnyPhotos I still have vivid memories of Akira's last show in Sydney, it closed Sydney Fashion week, and was the best show.
But sadly he has not done a show since, so I took Susie from Style Bubble and Tommy from Jak&Jil to a showroom Akira had set up in Paddington during fashion week _AFW3758AkiraSonnyPhotos
great location he scored with Sherman galleries, he used the space also to have some of pieces from his archives see-ing it was the 15th edition of Australian fashion week _AFW3761AkiraSonnyPhotos Susie, in that hat :-) _AFW3765AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3767AkiraSonnyPhotos He a showroom model on hand ( same model he used in Paris who just happend to be in Sydney, very convenient ) _AFW3773AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3776AkiraSonnyPhotos
_AFW3780AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3786AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3798AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3803AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3809AkiraSonnyPhotos


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My heart started getting fluttery and I hadn't read what this was...then saw Akira's face and realised why hehe <3 he's wonderful

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