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November 16, 2010

Tsumori Chisato SS2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML0002TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Yulia Terentieva _SML9855TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Olga Ovchinikova _SML9877TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Olga _SML9881TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Chantal Stafford-Abbott _SML9887TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Diana Timofeeva _SML9888TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Donna Loos _SML9895TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Julia Shvets _SML9901TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Olga _SML9906TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Chantal _SML9916TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Donna Loos _SML9922TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Julia Shvets _SML9925TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Jiang Xiao Yi _SML9934TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto anna Pytka _SML9938TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Lili Ji _SML9941TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Chantal _SML9944TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Olga _SML9948TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Lyndsey Scott _SML9954TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Lindsey Hoover _SML9957TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Kate Somers _SML9969TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto _SML9973TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Anastasia Krivosheeva _SML9981TsumoriChisatoSonnyPhoto Sophie Srej


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I thought Dieke Hampsink was working for Tsumori Chisato too

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