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November 16, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS 2011 Collection Paris Backstage

_SML9517VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Madeline Kragh _SML9522VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Marta Ortiz & Si Tanwilson _SML9578VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos who's this stunning girl, did not find her name, come on you fashionspotters, tel me who she is, so I can put credit where credit is due :-) _SML9582VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos _SML9602VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Kristina Salinovic, Marta & Si _SML9606VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos _SML9611VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos _SML9615VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos
_SML9619VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Tati Cotliar _SML9626VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Masha Kirsanova _SML9629VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Juana Berga
_SML9637VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Anastasia Krivosheeva _SML9645VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos _SML9660VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Masha _SML9674VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Barbara Palvin _SML9698VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Jasmine Poulton _SML9708VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Marta Ortiz _SML9713VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos _SML9744VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Anastasia & Masha _SML9749VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Juan Berga _SML9765VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos
_SML9769VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Jules Mordovets _SML9776VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Barbara Palvin _SML9785VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Si Tanwilson _SML9793VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos who is this girl ? _SML9804VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Jasmine Poulton _SML9810VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Mathilde Frachon _SML9825VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Madeline Kragh _SML9849VivienneWestwoodSonnyPhotos Nic Marc & ?


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^Yes that's Aygul @ Next


thanks Mea


Pretty sure that Aygul Galimullina is the name of this girl

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