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January 31, 2011

Brussels > Stockholm

_CLD8492Sonnyphotos leaving foggy Belgium and of the Stockholm _CLD8493Sonnyphotos thick _CLD8494Sonnyphotos but clearing over Mechelen _CLD8497Sonnyphotos but after Antwerp ( holland ) it gets thick again _CLD8499Sonnyphotos linear configurations of fog _CLD8501Sonnyphotos and hour or so later, when the fog meets the baltic sea _CLD8502Sonnyphotos _CLD8503Sonnyphotos frosty landscape _CLD8506Sonnyphotos line of fog _CLD8508Sonnyphotos ice forming on the  sea ( so that's salt water ! ) ) _CLD8510Sonnyphotos
_CLD8511Sonnyphotos about to land IMG_0439sonnyphotos Copenhagen airport, waiting 50 odd minutes for connecting flight to Stockholm _CLD8513Sonnyphotos and we're off again. Front row, for some reason I'm sitting in first row, no complaints there. _CLD8514Sonnyphotos take off, and check this out _CLD8516Sonnyphotos bridge from Malmo, Sweden, to nowhere ( I guess they're still working on it ? ) _CLD8517Sonnyphotos further north, landscape turning whiter _CLD8520Sonnyphotos
_CLD8521Sonnyphotos nearing Stockholm _CLD8523Sonnyphotos landscapes out near Arlanda, Stockholm _CLD8524Sonnyphotos


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yep, the road - and below the upper deck, the railroad - disappears into a tunnel on an artificial island. takes you in no time from Denmark to Sweden and back.

We took it a couple of years ago coming back from Norway.
Magical drive right into the setting sun, the silhouette of Copenhagen in the distance. The most incredible bridge crossing ever...

no way, woauw
I guess from my height I could not see the cars

The bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö starts as a tunnel. We took it last year so it is in

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