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March 17, 2011

McQueen FW11 Collection Paris Backstage

_PFW1852McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Zuzanna Bijoch _PFW1855McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Kinga Rajzak _PFW1858McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Josephine Skriver _PFW1862McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Lisanne De Jong _PFW1868McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Katlin Aas _PFW1880McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Valerija Kelava _PFW1888McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Anabela Belikova _PFW1891McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Kori Richardson _PFW1894McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Suvi Koponen _PFW1907McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Jac _PFW1912McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Mirte Maas _PFW1920McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos NimueSmit _PFW1924McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos _PFW1933McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Alla Kostromichova _PFW1937McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Jac _PFW1958McQueenSonnyphotosSonnyphotos Kirsi Pyrhonen


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