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29 posts from April 2011

April 29, 2011

Ginger & Smart SS2011/12 Fashion Show Backstage Sydney

_AFW4207Ginger&SmartSonnyphoto _AFW4214Ginger&SmartSonnyphoto

Carla Zampatti SS11-12 Fashion Show

Let the Fashion Week begin, for me it starts with Carla's show a few days outside of the official schedule _AFW3898CarlaZampettiSonny Interntional model, Flo, from Argentian is in town _AFW3928CarlaZampettiSonny
_AFW3975CarlaZampettiSonny Rutt Meister _AFW4034CarlaZampettiSonny
_AFW4147CarlaZampettiSonny _AFW4151CarlaZampettiSonny
_AFW4168CarlaZampettiSonny So this is what you get when you are an established label in Austrailia for over 40 years and you get the talented Michelle Jank to style your collection. Great job, was not expecting this

April 28, 2011

End of the holiday

_OZI0861Sonnyphotos and we are back on the plane, and I can't believe my eyes when I look out the window . . .  it's the same guy again, cleaning the tarmac with a simple broom and dustpan _OZI0863Sonnyphotos click here to see this guy doing the same over a year ago, does this mean he is out here everyday ? _OZI0865Sonnyphotos
_OZI0869Sonnyphotos from the plane ( still at airport terminal ) I can see the foothills of where we went for the mudbath _OZI0880Sonnyphotos and we're off. on the bottom there, that's the take off spot when we rent the boat to go to Tavarua and Namotu _OZI0881Sonnyphotos and you can just make it out on the horizon _OZI0884Sonnyphotos can't wait to go there again _OZI0887Sonnyphotos that's Tavarua closest to us, the Namotu ( they are both islands ) and then that long strecth is just reef ( as in under water all the time ) and where I surfed Wilkes passage _OZI0888Sonnyphotos
_OZI0893Sonnyphotos and now Cloudbreak comes into frame _OZI0895Sonnyphotos damn it, it's looking good today too _OZI0896Sonnyphotos bye bye Fiji _OZI0909Sonnyphotos Sydney bound _OZI0912Sonnyphotos Was hoping to get some more of those incredible clouds photos I got when we flew over, but clearly, it is all about angles :-) _OZI0915Sonnyphotos
_OZI0928Sonnyphotos change in colour, must be close to Sydney _OZI0929Sonnyphotos sydney south national park _OZI0932Sonnyphotos port hacking _OZI0936Sonnyphotos cronulla _OZI0938Sonnyphotos the long strip of beach down from Cronulla _OZI0941Sonnyphotos Botany Bay and home

April 27, 2011

Sabeto Valley Mud Pool and Thermal spring, Fiji

_OZI0790Sonnyphotos After all that salt water, time to wash it off, so we head inland to visit a mudpool I just read about in the paper, a little bit of the beaten track _OZI0801Sonnyphotos bit of difference in colour water _OZI0804Sonnyphotos but jeez, it looks like fun doesn't it _OZI0809Sonnyphotos kids playground _OZI0817Sonnyphotos and that's the spot right there, you put your feet down there and it is 50 degrees _OZI0823Sonnyphotos Oh, I want to have a go _OZI0831Sonnyphotos
:-) _OZI0838Sonnyphotos
_OZI0841Sonnyphotos and this is the hot spring, it bubbles up and is about 70 degrees. They chanel this to a bigger pool they dug out and that's where we sat after the mud bath, very nice and relaxing _OZI0842Sonnyphotos and woauw, I was wondering what these ladies were all sitting around for, fijian massage for 10 Fiji$, so the kids got their first ever massage _OZI0845Sonnyphotos
_OZI0846Sonnyphotos I get one too of course, but as Jacqui said more like a coconut oil rub than a massage :-) _OZI0848Sonnyphotos another look at the source of hot water before we leave _OZI0853Sonnyphotos next trip I think we willneed to do a full exploratory trip inland _OZI0854Sonnyphotos

Sandbar in the Pacific Ocean

_OZI0701Sonnyphotos After that little surf session our Captain, Maika, told us about this sandbar that will be exposed at low tide, so off we go _OZI0709Sonnyphotos lovely _OZI0712Sonnyphotos Evan plays beached whale while India and Jacqui go explore _OZI0713Sonnyphotos while Belle, being the good girl that she is, puts on more sunblock _OZI0718Sonnyphotos awesome, print please _OZI0723Sonnyphotos Evan, goes to join the girls _OZI0727Sonnyphotos
and to think at high tide it will be gone _OZI0740Sonnyphotos
hehehe, gif time, sorry couldn't help myself, too cute :-) _OZI0744Sonnyphotos hot looker stranded on the beach _OZI0755Sonnyphotos ok, time's up _OZI0772Sonnyphotos so the kids take turn in sailing the boat _OZI0781Sonnyphotos Cool Captain Evan

Sonny's surf time

_OZI0608Sonnyphotos my turn for some fun, ready to jump of the boat, as the captain sails right up to the back of the peak _OZI0609Sonnyphotos and off I go _OZI0611Sonnyphotos back in a bit :-) _OZI0620Sonnyphotos the line up seen from the boat after they sail back down the line up 621Sonnyphotos2
time for a gif animation of me surfing :-) give it time to load _OZI0663Sonnyphotos view of the back of the wave _OZI0696Sonnyphotos just snagged the leg rope on my last wave on the reef, so not risking losing my board as well, so I come back in _OZI0700Sonnyphotos Even though my surf session is cut short, I'm still smiling

April 26, 2011

Let's go surfing cloudbreak !!

_OZI0606Sonnyphotos Belle on the boat, we are on our way to Cloudbreak, rented a boat for half the day, we went out a few days ago as well, but there was a little hick up, and the one of the boats the operator runs , its engine blew up, so we went out with a few other blokes who wanted to trawl for fish, so I got dumped at Wilkes passage and Jacqui and the kids got dumped on the beach at Namotu, not this time, this time we got the boat all to ourselves, so Cloudbreak here I come _OZI0479Sonnyphotos on the left is the famous judges platform for when they have the pro surf comp on at Cloudbreak, as cloudbreak is a reef miles of the mainland , an exposed reef out in the ocean, only accessible by boat, so here we are, i'm amped,...but ..... _OZI0482Sonnyphotos it;s onshore and messy, even though the forecast was for offshore winds, a cyclone out at new Caledonia has pushed winds this direction turning cloudbreak into mush, what a let down, so bummed, was keen to pick up a few screaming left handers _OZI0494Sonnyphotos so what to do , why snorkel in the crystal clear pacific of course. From Cloudbreak it's about a 10 min ride to Namotu ( also on shore and messy ) then another 5 min to Wilkes passage, but there were about 30 surfers out there ( last time I surfed it was with one other guy ) Obviously crowded as the other places were too messy to surf. So I opted to take everyone snorkeling instead, banking on the fact that in about 2 hours that crowd out the surf will get hungry and jump on the boat back _OZI0501Sonnyphotos so just around the corner form Wilkes we found ourselves a nice secluded spot, with low tide coming in, a little sand bar about to be exposed in the middle of nowhere just about _OZI0505Sonnyphotos awesome _OZI0515Sonnyphotos can you still spot them _OZI0523Sonnyphotos I swam out there and joined them for a snorkel, and it was flippin amazing, all these miniature coral formations with the most amazing fish swimming around them, colours just so pretty ( and yeah, fuming my water camera is already broken- not even 2 months old :-( _OZI0530Sonnyphotos just look at the colour of the sea !! _OZI0538Sonnyphotos aqua paradise _OZI0550Sonnyphotos
_OZI0584Sonnyphotos that's my girl. Ok, let's go check the crowd out at Wilkes passage

Jetty of Queens Road

_OZI0465Sonnyphotos nice quite spot on the water, this jetty was not here last year, and looks brand new, and already has become a spot for the locals to just sit and relax _OZI0476Sonnyphotos another day done and dusted _OZI0477Sonnyphotos

Back to Biasevu waterfall, which turned into a flash flood, plus world's cutest cat & dog photo !

_OZI0322Sonnyphotos Today we head back to Korolevu, to turn left , inland to Biasevu and take the kids to the waterfall. On the way ( and we noticed this yesterday, but was too dark to take a photo )  we noticed all this washing, hanging in the rain, over the water, but must have been high tide when we saw it yesterday, as it now hangs over sand _OZI0325Sonnyphotos
_OZI0327Sonnyphotos loving this tree covered in what looks like mini staghorns _OZI0328Sonnyphotos _OZI0332Sonnyphotos
_OZI0333Sonnyphotos start of the track to the waterfall _OZI0335Sonnyphotos some of the locals heading out that way as well on horseback _OZI0339Sonnyphotos off we go _OZI0346Sonnyphotos we cross 7 times a creek oh so clear _OZI0351Sonnyphotos
each time, venturing on deeper into the forest/jungle _OZI0356Sonnyphotos I stopped taking photos half way through our trek , as it started with this trpical downpour, raindrops the size of big ripe juiced up cherries, so in no time we were soaked, and I wrapped my camera up in a towel and then tied it up in a plastic bag. Jacqui standing on a footbridge, which wasn't here last time, in front of the waterfall _OZI0364Sonnyphotos The waterfall, which is usually a fun, tranquil place, was just that when we arrived, but moments later, due to the downpour, it turned into a raging wild cascading waterfall as a result of flash flood, and the water quickly turned into a muddy brown orange colour, so after all this trekkign we did not even get to jump off the watefall as it would have been a bit dicey, but the most curious thing, that can't be seen in the photo, is the wind the waterfall has generated, all around is calm, but if you stand at the edge of the water, it is like being in a wind tunnel, amazing , nature _OZI0367Sonnyphotos heading back, and even our local guide is awestruck by the increase in volume of water coming down _OZI0371Sonnyphotos so windy standing here to take this shot, and within seconds my lens is covered in a fine mist of water, click here to see how it looked last time we were here, not only does it look calmer, but the water was so clear, where as now, it is looking like sludge from all that rain _OZI0372Sonnyphotos still all those awesome red ginger flowers everywhere _OZI0377Sonnyphotos _OZI0382Sonnyphotos frog trapped on a rock by the flash flood _OZI0386Sonnyphotos frogmaster India to the rescue _OZI0390Sonnyphotos _OZI0391Sonnyphotos natural sculpture _OZI0394Sonnyphotos rain has turned the track back into a creek _OZI0395Sonnyphotos oh yeah, mud fest coming up _OZI0398Sonnyphotos In hindsight, probably would have been quicker to go in the creek bed _OZI0405Sonnyphotos and that clear water on the way over has turned brown _OZI0410Sonnyphotos nearly there _OZI0419Sonnyphotos frogs galore around here _OZI0420Sonnyphotos frog or toad ? _OZI0421Sonnyphotos loving this place as a location for a shoot ( Lizzie ?? ) _OZI0428Sonnyphotos cute _OZI0432Sonnyphotos this week's worlds cutest cat and dog photo !! _OZI0435Sonnyphotos
nice pattern _OZI0437Sonnyphotos it wanted to come with us _OZI0438Sonnyphotos but I think the creek was too much of a river now _OZI0442Sonnyphotos
_OZI0446Sonnyphotos aaaw, all together now, so cute _OZI0448Sonnyphotos
_OZI0456Sonnyphotos back in the village, and no rain _OZI0457Sonnyphotos

Natandola Beach Fiji

_OZI0288Sonnyphotos I loved coming to this beach last time I was here, so had to come back, plus there was a tamarind tree I wanted to revisted and eat some more tamarind, but no fruit on the tree, not the right time of year. So the local kids offered to get us some fresh coconuts instead, and up they climbed _OZI0292Sonnyphotos
_OZI0294Sonnyphotos pluck, crack, eat _OZI0296Sonnyphotos how the locals get around, did not notice any horses when I visited last, but this time, I seen nothing but horses, on the beach alone there was about 30 horses _OZI0298Sonnyphotos
_OZI0299Sonnyphotos later , back at the resort for sunset drinks at Bilo bar _OZI0306Sonnyphotos
_OZI0307Sonnyphotos the boats that would not take me surfing _OZI0310Sonnyphotos