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April 04, 2012

Not just a surf movie, a movie about surfing !

Trailer for Jack McCoy latest movie. IMG_0744sonnySaw film maker Jack McCoy at the post office earlier today ( Aloha ) and he told me his movie was extended by a few days at the local cinema at Avalon. So I told him I would pop down later tonight to come see it IMG_0745sonnyAnd I'm glad I did, Jack gaves us a little intro and background information on his movie. ( wouldn't that be nice everytime you go to see a movie you get a little talk before hand from the film maker ) Jack is known for his many surf movies, but this was more a movie about surfing. So if you get the chance to see it , do it, and see how a young hawaiin princess a century or so ago influenced this whole global culture.



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The kids say it was boring and they were falling asleep, had too much talking and not enough surfing. Listening to McCoy dribble on would be enough to make anyone yawn.

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