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May 27, 2012

A visit to Peter's Deer Farm

_AUS7776SonnyJust near Talba lives Coco's grand dad, so we pop in for a visit _AUS7778Sonnyand he has a deer farm _AUS7781Sonnynice to get amongst all the deer, not wild, but not tame either _AUS7784SonnyMale and herd _AUS7789Sonnycompetition _AUS7799Sonnyhe has a couple of pigs as well _AUS7803Sonnyand they love choko's ( you know, as in McDonalds sell you apple flavoured Choko pies ) _AUS7810Sonnycurious fact, that hide/fur on a pig's back is so coarse, very hard _AUS7813Sonnythis how we roll on Pete's property :-) _AUS7817Sonny




_AUS7857SonnyThanks Peter for taking the time to show us around


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Hi Roslyn, awesome, thanks for that, will definitely be looking at heading up there next time :-)

Not sure where you are headed and how long you have but if you are headed North from Tilba, the Clyde River up from Nelligen is beautiful and if you are happy to travel on a dirt road you can travel from Nelligen past Pigeon House Mountain to Ulladulla/Milton which is a great drive (scenic at times and you can walk pigeon house in about 2 hours for a fantasic view). Beautiful shots btw, Malacoota and Tilba are treasures.

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