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May 17, 2012

Burberry hosts the band Life in Film from U.K.

AUS_7803SonnyphotosJacqui, in Ellery, and Candice , in Burberry and Dion Lee AUS_7806SonnyphotosBurberry has done this fantastic project with a whole lot of different groups/musicians, called Acoustic, and lucky for us Aussies, Burberry has flown down one of the groups part of the Accoustic project, namnely Life in Film, to perform a set of their songs , live on the Burberry store in Sydney. We weren't goign to miss that :-) AUS_7807SonnyphotosThe Band getting ready, guitarist Edward Ibbotson AUS_7808SonnyphotosDrummer Micky Osment AUS_7820SonnyphotosLead, Samuel Fry, who also modelled in the Burberry FW10 campaign AUS_7825SonnyphotosBass Dominic Sennett AUS_7810Sonnyphotos












AUS_7892SonnyphotosNOw, a lot of Jacqui's work mates keep telling Jacs that I look like this reality star Wes Carr, so Wes was here as well and Jacs just had to have a photo of the 2 of us, but really, girls, we look alike ? come on :-) AUS_7895SonnyphotosSpeaking of look a likes, how's Candice and Kelly Hume, just happen to be both wearing the same dress, and a Dion Lee dress as well AUS_7902SonnyphotosSo why not get Dion Lee into the picture as well AUS_7907SonnyphotosLee, Dion Lee, at your service AUS_7913SonnyphotosWell, don't they just look like a cute couple AUS_7919Sonnyphotosanother band in the room is  The Preachers  AUS_7924SonnyphotosLooking forward to see-ing them live, they are playing this saturday at the Beresford hotel ( but I'm already booked  my dance card full for that night ) I met the singer Isabella a while back when I shot her for the Benah campaign AUS_7926SonnyphotosOK was fun, but time to move on AUS_7927Sonnyphotosand sort out some dinner AUS_7935SonnyphotosPhil Oh, Mr Street Peeper and Tanya Gacic, yes, he does not want to leave Sydney AUS_7942Sonnyphotosa little later, finally sitting down for some dinner and with ver tired looking eyes, it has been a long week with many late nights slogging away at the computer


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