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June 17, 2012

And we're off to Spain, Brussel > Madrid > Valencia

_EUR0002Sonnytake off runway Brussels _EUR0004Sonny
and we're up _EUR0006Sonny
E19 heading to Paris under those clouds _EUR0010Sonnya little while later, pretty sure that is the river Seine heading out to sea _EUR0015Sonnyin space . . .we are not alone  . . .:-) _EUR0023SonnyFrance under a cloud and Spain in the sun, starting at the Pyrenees _EUR0024Sonnychange of colour as soon as we cross that mountain range _EUR0025Sonny


_EUR0029SonnyDam at la Tajera, some 100km out of Madrid ( as the crow flies ) _EUR0032SonnyNuclear facility at Trillo ( top left of photo ) _EUR0037SonnyMassive water supply for Madrid, some 70km's west of Madrid, Buendia _EUR0040Sonny



_EUR0044SonnyLove all these patterns seen from the air _EUR0045Sonnyabout to land Madrid, and you can just see the Four towers of Madrid _EUR0046Sonnybrief stop, and change of planes and we're off again about an hour or so later _EUR0047SonnyIndustrial estate near the airport _EUR0050SonnyBuendia again, but from another angle _EUR0051Sonnycoastal clouds slowly burning of inland _EUR0054Sonny

_EUR0057Sonnyand thicker closer to coast,only a short flight, 35min or so, so heading down to land _EUR0058Sonnythat was funny, plane just landed and is now doing a u turn on the tarmac to head to terminal _EUR0059Sonnyexit _EUR0063Sonny





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