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June 26, 2012

Ever wondered what Diane Pernet looks like without her trademark glasses ?

_EUR1112DianaSonnyI'm guessing you, like myself, are blown away by this photo. A lot of bits and pieces we do not know about Diane Pernet ( that will change in a year or so :-) _EUR1114DianaSonnyI'm at the opening of an exhibtion put together by Cristiano Seganfreddo( for more info, go to Diane's blog ) _EUR1125DianaSonnyHusband #2 . . .what ! I thought you were married only once, wait, what...there was a third ? Does this mean there might even be some kids running around somewhere Miss Pernet ? :-) _EUR1129DianaSonnybefore Diane had her own label she used to do a lot of photography as well _EUR1106DianaSonnyWith Cristiano Seganfreddo at the official opening, will be open till September so if in Milan , check it out, Via San Spirito at Mauro Grifoni's shop/showroom


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No kids running around but there was a husband number 4 . xxx

Love your photos thanks for coming...xxxx

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