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June 17, 2012

Huis Of Boon Gloves Repair Service

IMG_0958SonnySo quite a few years ago, especially when you speak of the live of a glove, I bought a pair of expensive gloves at the Huis of Boon shop in Antwerp,( back in 2005 or '04 ) I was drawn to this shop, as the shop front looked so ....well 18th Century, like time stood still. So anyway, when I bought the gloves the shop assistant ( and me feels she's the daughter of the original owners, not that she's old, just that she is still there :-) anyway, she told me these gloves would last me a life time, well, now they had a tear in the stitching IMG_0959SonnyShe took the gloves of me with a smile and asked if I could come back in 30 mins, wouaw, sure , yes, fantastic, but not only is that a fast service, when I went back to pick them up , there was no charge, now that's after customer care. She siad when you buy the gloves, that is part of the service that if they are damaged ( withing means of course ) they will repair them free of charge. So ladies, get on down to the Huis Of Boon, for some amazing gloves. I took Glynis there a few years a go as well.


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