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June 06, 2012

Shangri La Vivid Kids surprise

IMG_0909Sonnyawesome view from our room at the hotel, woauw, blown away by our view IMG_0910Sonny270 degree view, but why am I here you ask, well, Jacqui wrote a really good piece from our last stay at the Shangri La hotel in Fiji and sent it in to the hotel and she won a letter of the month. th eprize being a 2 night stay at any of their Shangri La hotels around the world. This was nearly a year ago, and the prize expires soon, so what to do , fly to Fiji and enjoy a few free nights, or.... we surprise the kids as we found out from our stay here a few weeks ago duing fashion week, that the room is actually big enough as it has a separte room with a sofa bed, and the room in the prize is even bigger than the room we stayed in.
So we told the kids we were going to visit Kenny in Newcastle and stay for 2 nights, kids weren't too keen on staying at Kenny's for 2 nights ( sorry Bro ) even though we sold it them that Kenny had cable television and a heated swimming pool ( he doesn't...yet ) IMG_0911Sonnywest view. So I'm now sitting here in the window bay of the room, looking for Jacqui's car to come across the bridge. I caught the bus in town for a meeting and then check in to the hotel, so the kids would be even more pissed that they have to drive into town first to pick me up before heading north to Newcastle IMG_0912Sonnybut the game was up as soon as they pulled up in the hotel drive way and saw me standing there ( Jacqui told them I was in a meeting at the hotel ) needles to say, they were pretty stoked not to be going to visit Kenny to be staying at a 5 star hotel for 2 nights IMG_0913Sonnyand then there is the added bonus that we staying here while Sydney's Vivid festival is on, so in the evening we all walked around the rocks taking in the luminated delights ( photos to come on Jacquis blog soon as I did not take any photos but shot some video instead ) IMG_0915Sonnyand the next day we visited the Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour IMG_0916Sonnynice spot for a little walk IMG_0918Sonnyand all the kids love the spaghetti at No Names


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Leen, I used to go there with Sonny back in the 80's!
The bolognaise isn't $5 anymore, but it still serves cordial

Yes of course, no so much with the "fossils " but been going there since the 80's and it hasn't changed, same chairs and tables, and still the self service cordial drinks, only thing that changed is the pictures on the wall

No Names!!wow, that brings back memeories from a long time ago, doyou remember going there ?

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