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June 19, 2012

The port of Xabia, Alicante, Spain

_EUR0037Sonnynever been all the way round to the tip.entrance of the port, big white concrete wall you see in the middle of the photo is a new wall to deal with the big landslide from a few years ago _EUR0038Sonnylook how clearly one can see the rocks in the water _EUR0051Sonny
me :-)
_EUR0052Sonnywish I had the keys for one of these _EUR0040SonnyThe Port town of Xabia XabiaPort2quick panaroma I stitched together ( quickly ) in photoshop, click on photo for larger image _EUR0054Sonnymorning coffee at one the many beachside cafe's
Why can't we have cafe's on the actual beach in Australia, so you can just go for a swim, and come in and sit back down to have a drink/snack/coffee, while you watch your friend/kids still in the water, without having to pack everything up if you want to go and have a drink. The Mediterraneans got it so right on this one, and Australia so wrong and English


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