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July 18, 2012

Griffith > Sydney

_EUR2814SonnyJust left Griffith after another one of our re-fuelling stops _EUR2819Sonny
a lot more water in here now, Wyangla dam and Grabine State Recreation area



_EUR2828Sonnylove these big windows _EUR2829Sonny

_EUR2839Sonnycoming to the blue mountains _EUR2840Sonnynarrow neck at Blue Mountains _EUR2845Sonny

_EUR2847Sonnyclearly see the trail to narrow neck here _EUR2858Sonnyand the famous 3 sisters from Katoomba. Ross Anderson, our pilot, was not even asked to give us a scenic flight, he just knew that I love taking pics from planes, so while still taking a most direct course back to Sydney, he also opted for the more scenic one _EUR2863Sonnylast stretch of Blue Mountains before hitting Sydney's outer suburbs _EUR2872SonnySydney on " the nose " _EUR2873Sonny
turning to Bankstown _EUR2879SonnySydney in the distance _EUR2878Sonny
zoom in _EUR2876Sonnylining up _EUR2880Sonnyready to land.
So as I said in previous post can;t reveal, yet, where we were and what we shot, have to wait till september ( not too long to go ) but all I'll say is that I'm super happy with the "Hero" shot, will look awesome, so sty tuned


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