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July 20, 2012

Leaving Hobart, back to Sydney

EUR_7372Sonnyearly morning start at the Cottage ( w=or it is winter and sun comes up late :-) EUR_7382SonnyHobart International Aiport, that's right ! EUR_7386Sonnybut we're leaving ? EUR_7388Sonny
:-) EUR_7389Sonnyready for take off EUR_7391Sonnystraight after take off a lot of cloud so did not get to see anything, till now, Flinders Island I think EUR_7392SonnyYeah, Flinders Island, Emita beach EUR_7394Sonnythen it got all cloudy again EUR_7396SonnyJust make out australian coastline, my guess, near Marlo , Victoria EUR_7400Sonnyrather white cloud...that's no cloud, that's the snowy mountains, super ! EUR_7404Sonnygreat view of the whole range. where I placed the arrow ( click photo to enlarge )is the runs at Thredbo, and the circle roughly where Perisher-Smiggins resort is EUR_7405Sonnythe snowy mountains with lake Jindabyne EUR_7407Sonnyarrow marks the village of Jindabyne EUR_7412Sonnyreally make out the valley leading up to Thredbo from Jindy EUR_7420SonnyLake Eucumbene EUR_7431SonnyLake Burragorang, Sydney EUR_7434Sonnylove all the ranges all the way to horizon EUR_7437Sonnyback to civilization, well, sort of, The Shire hehehe EUR_7441SonnySouth Sydney, going in to land


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