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August 22, 2012

A must do, Jungle Surfing in the tropical canopy of the Daintree forest

EUR_8662sonnyThe girls ready in their jungle surfing gear EUR_8664sonnyAll the helmets have different names on them, Evan not too fond of Dennis the menace :-) EUR_8669sonnyBugs Bunny, Super Girl and Dennis the Menace on the first platform, ready to go , we are about 50 meter high of the ground EUR_8673sonny
here comes Jacqui, you can just hear the smiling whhheeeeee sound :-) EUR_8675sonnyshe looks like a pro at this, the way she has her foot out and prepared to step up EUR_8678sonnyof to the next platform, and on each platform, hosted on a different tree, we get a little lesson about the different trees etc.. so educational and fun EUR_8679sonnyIn safe hands EUR_8680sonnyIndia is off EUR_8685sonnySo 2 heritage listed items in view of each other, the Daintree forest and the great barrier reef EUR_8690sonnyTandem jungle surfing EUR_8697sonny


aaah, the steep descent
EUR_8705sonnydoubles again EUR_8708sonny

EUR_8710sonnylooks like fun, way to explore the rainforest without damaging anything EUR_8716sonnyour turn EUR_8720sonnyit's a shoot off EUR_8725sonnyhigh above the ground EUR_8727sonny

EUR_8741sonnydoesn't it just look like fun !! ?? EUR_8754sonnylooking wondefully elegant :-) EUR_8758sonnynow for the upside down bit EUR_8764sonnyboth Belle and Jacqui do it with ease EUR_8769sonnyand Evan does the whole way upside down EUR_8775sonnyand all the while, gliding between the trees we see the coral sea


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