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August 23, 2012

Cow Bay , Daintree, Far North Queensland

EUR_8915sonnywhat a beautiful day, and a lovely beach, BUT, I must tell you, tha tin the summer months, it is not advised to swim ( without protective gear anyway ) because of the Box Jelly Fish, which can fatally harm you EUR_8918sonnyI'm so stoked to be here, as it really is TROPICAL !!, And after having seen so much of this awesome country, I never experienced the real tropics, and this is it, 100%, I mean, if I post this photo and told I was in Thailand, there is no reason for you to not believe me. ( In other words, if you want ot experience the tropics, there is no need to leave australia, we got it all here !! ) EUR_8927sonnyMangrove right onto the beach, and again that clear water ( maybe we should bottle it and not let it run out in the salt sea ) EUR_8928sonny


EUR_8930sonnyyes, traditional owners of this land are the aboriginal people, in this case, the Jalun Warra ( saltwater people ) so please respect their wishes and do not enter their cultural places EUR_8931sonnyPalms or so big here, this leave was nearly 5 meters long EUR_8937sonnylooking for shells EUR_8939sonny


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