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August 15, 2012

Day 1 in Far north Queensland, the drive to Daintree

EUR_8504sonnystarting here, at Melvins road on the outskirts of Ingham, strange to see a big Eucalyptus tree in the middle of the sugar cane fields EUR_8506sonnyyes, we are tourists and stop at the first sight of a field of sugar cane, we don't grow these down south, too cold :-) EUR_8507sonnyfor the girls as much of a novelty, with Mount Leach in the background EUR_8513sonnyyes, the tourist bus has arrived :-) EUR_8514sonnyMt Leach mountain range EUR_8517sonny
stop of at Cardwell EUR_8519sonnyfirst real taste of the tropics with those palm trees EUR_8521sonnyand that's hinchinbrook island in the background EUR_8523sonnyjust screams holidays :-) but. don't go in the water EUR_8528sonnyso we had the big lobster in Kingston South Australia not so long ago, and now the big mud crab ( yum, can't wait to eat one ) and look, nearly the same outfit, fluke EUR_8534sonnyafter another 4-5 hours driving we finally arrive at our destination, the lovely house we rented at Cow Bay, Mossman, Daintree called seascapes EUR_8535sonnyEvan's room EUR_8537sonnyour room EUR_8539sonnyJacqui straight into relax mode after that long drive EUR_8542sonnyand house surrounded by all this tropical lushness EUR_8547sonnyafter checking out our home we quickly unpack to head to the beach which is just a minute's drive down the road. And yes, in the summer months, you just don't go swimming at the beaches, that's one of the major drawbacks of the Far North Queensland region, as the ocean and estuaries have the box jelly fish, the rivers the crocodiles and the further out the ocean the sharks EUR_8548sonny
and we used to tell the japanese tourist to piss on it and then rub sand on it EUR_8550sonny
Cow bay beach, cape tribulation EUR_8553sonnywe did not see any EUR_8555sonnygetting dark, and we are hungry EUR_8557sonnybut we just had to see the beach as we could hear it from the house EUR_8561sonnyon the way to one of the restaurants EUR_8562sonnynice EUR_8564sonny


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maybe you could bring a caravan back for us to live in!!

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