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August 30, 2012

London > Brussels

EUR_0885sonnyAnother terminal , another plane EUR_0886sonnyM25 EUR_0888sonnyKing George, Staines & Queen Mary Reservoirs EUR_0891sonnysome one near Oxshott EUR_0895sonnyinteresting circle formation of houses at Epsom and bordering Ashstead Common forest EUR_0896sonnyLondon, surrounded by suburbs EUR_0897sonnyLondon in the distance EUR_0901sonnyThames heading out to sea EUR_0903sonny


EUR_0907sonnyLeaving England to cross the Channel, EUR_0908sonnyWhite Cliffs of Dover ( but probably Ramsgate in this case ) EUR_0911sonny

EUR_0912sonnyBelgium coastline and Oostende airport EUR_0915sonnyThe mighty Schelde river EUR_0920sonnyFort Breendonk, which was used during the second world war by the germans as a prison, better term would be concentration camp, not like the bigger ones in Germany and Poland, but many unfortunate ones ( about 3500 ) got deported from here to the worse concentration camps, many to never return, but one of my grandparents was locked up here, shipped out and did manage to make it back. I remember my grandmother telling me the story ( several times as grandparents do ) how he never wanted to talk about what he saw and happend, so one day he said to my grandmother, ok, I will tell youthis one time what happend but then after that I never want to talk about it again. So one can only imagine the profound effect it would have had on people, witnessing the horros of nazism EUR_0923sonnyon a lighternote, Zennegat, great place for an afternoon beer EUR_0924sonnyBelgian sky EUR_0927sonnyzoomed in the photo to show what I believe to be Wim & Hilda's place in their somewhere, what you think Wim ?


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