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August 25, 2012

Mossman Gorge, Daintree, Far North Queensland

EUR_9628sonnynext day and we are out exploring again, this time the rainforest at the world famous Mossman Gorge EUR_9630sonnything about the Mossman Gorge that I did not know, is that, unlike other parks, you can't just drive in , park your car and go for a walk. You have to park well outside the park at, let's call it the base campo, where you pay a fee to get a ride on one of their buses into the park, and then walk around. It is not pricey, however if you can't afford it, you can walk all the way from base camp as well EUR_9631sonnypart of the walk is on a raised platform EUR_9632sonnymassive birds nest plants in the trees, strong trees, as in the wet season, those plants holding all that moisture can weigh up to a tonne EUR_9634sonnyit's really dry at the moment, and has been for a while ( unlike the outback from our april roadtrip ) but stilla lot of moss around EUR_9637sonnyMossman river EUR_9639sonny

EUR_9642sonnyfriendlies along the pathway EUR_9646sonny


EUR_9650sonnyHalf way up the track we get a good view of the peak called Manjal Dimbi, named so by the Kuku Yalanji people, Roughly translated it means, Mountain holding back, as the large humanoid rock represents Kubirri, who came to the aid of the Kuku Yalanji people when they were persecuted by an evil spirit Wurrumbu ( why were they being persecuted by the evil Wurrumbu is what I want to know ) Kubirri holds back the evil spirit who is now confined to The Bluff above Mossman River. Manjal Dimbi has now been anglicised to Mt Demi and Kubirri us known as the "good" shepherd EUR_9654sonny






EUR_9671sonnyloving the shapes at the base of buttress trees EUR_9673sonny




EUR_9704sonnyblown away by how clear and clean the river is EUR_9706sonnythe distinctive bluff above the river that can be seen from miles around, we even see it from our apartment at port douglas EUR_9730sonny


EUR_9735sonnyall this walking is making me hungry


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