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August 23, 2012

Sunrise @ Daintree Seascapes, Far north Queensland Day 2

EUR_8874sonnywish we could here be longer to capture a few more sunrises, but today is our last day in the Daintree, so we check out of here today, but still plan to do a lot of discovering in the Daintree EUR_8878sonny

EUR_8881sonnylove morning light, so pretty EUR_8887sonnyafter breakfast I snap some details of the house EUR_8890sonnykitchen EUR_8891sonnyliving EUR_8892sonnyour ( slept in ) room EUR_8893sonny
deck EUR_8894sonnymountian view EUR_8898sonnytime to say good bye EUR_8901sonnywell worth it EUR_8903sonnyespecially after we saw som eof the other accomodation options, ( they were all in gully's so dark-which could be a good thing in summer, but not if the breeze can't get in there or if it is raining a lot, which it tends to do up here in summer- so still think this place is the best if you can look after yourself and don;t need pampering :-) EUR_8910sonnydriveway EUR_8912sonnythanks seascapes :-)


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