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August 24, 2012

Sunrise out at the coral sea

EUR_9388sonnysee-ing as we are out at sea, just had to get up early for a sunrise shot, I was hoping for some magic EUR_9398sonnyMoon and venus still in the sky EUR_9407sonnyas we bop up and down on the sea, it slowly gets lighter in the sky EUR_9411sonnyEvan makes the trip up on deck from a warm bed as well EUR_9426sonnylooking south, the passage between Fitzroy Island and the mainland EUR_9442sonnyslowly EUR_9453sonnyslowly EUR_9456sonnycoming out, but small band of cloud on horizon still blocking sun light EUR_9458sonnyhere she is EUR_9461sonnylook at those golden rays, love this light, always short lived, always spectacular EUR_9463sonnyMagic :-) EUR_9468sonnyI think this is my first sunrise from a boat EUR_9472sonnyIndia on deck as well, wearing my jacket as it is a bit nippy this early with the seabreeze EUR_9485sonnyloving how the light is playing on the waves surface EUR_9490sonnywould like to do this again ( but on the reef this time ) EUR_9507sonny


EUR_9516sonnyseabreeze is starting up early again , so we motor back to Fitzroy Island to seek protection from the seabreeze EUR_9518sonnyAnd heading to Shark Fin bay EUR_9524sonnylook at those faces, longing for a hot shower I bet EUR_9525sonnybut no, let's snorkel before breakfast :-) EUR_9527sonnyIndia, the trooper that she is, is first in EUR_9528sonnyhehehe, look at that facial expression, she's awake now :-) EUR_9530sonnydespite that, others soon follow EUR_9536sonnyafter breakfast, a whale was spotted about a kilometer away, so the captain sets course, and slowly motors towards it, to get a better look at it EUR_9550sonnyJacqui spots it EUR_9541sonny

EUR_9544sonnyunfortunatly as we slowly and respectfully nudge closer, another fishing boat heading out to the reef went a little too fast too close and scared the whale away.


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