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August 30, 2012

Sydney Biennale at Cockatoo Island

EUR_0746sonnyJacqui has been wanting to take me and the kids to Cockatoo Island for a while, to see the exhibtion on there as part of the Sydney Biennale. So of we went, and lucky for us, they have a free ferry running from Walsh bay ( easier parking for us ) to Circular Quay and onto Cockatoo Island, and looping around like that every 45min or so EUR_0752sonnylove our bridge EUR_0756sonnyand opera house EUR_0762sonny

EUR_0763sonnysuch amazing winter weather we are having in Sydney these past days, just awesome blue sky days, but no surf to go with it unfortunatly EUR_0768sonnyLeaving Circular Quay EUR_0770sonny


EUR_0778sonnySpunk alert EUR_0785sonnyon the island, Cockatoo Island was a naval shipbuilding yard, so lots of cranes and wharehouses around here EUR_0788sonny

EUR_0791sonnysome of which house exhibitions like this one EUR_0792sonny

EUR_0796sonnyawesome day EUR_0799sonnyawesome girl in tunnel EUR_0801sonnythis was one of the most popular pieces with young and old, a fine water mist EUR_0802sonny



EUR_0825sonnylove the look of these old cranes against the blue sky EUR_0828sonnyback to our beautiful bridge. I keep saying our, as I have a little gripe about the fact that we are still paying a toll to cross the bridge, and a rather high toll. Back inmy day...it used to be 20cents, then went up to a dollar, then a dollar twenty, at the time it was said that this was need to pay of the bridge, built in 1932, a lot of loans were invloved and the toll was used as a way to pay of this load and then State Premier came out with the big announcement some time in the late 80's that the "bridge was ours " as the loan was repayed. So, great, we all though, no more need for the tolls ( which slows traffic down a lot ) but no, now we are paying more than double, up to 4 in peak hour ( they now introduced different tolls for different times ) So yeah, if it is ours, why we still paying( more than double ) for it EUR_0830sonnyjust had to get that out sorry EUR_0831sonnyback at Walsh bay, there was still something to see as part of the biennale at wharf 2 as well EUR_0835sonny
spot the fam EUR_0838sonnyIndia trying to be taller than Jacqui EUR_0842sonnytime to head home, thanks Jacs for insisting we go ( even though I wanted to stay home and work in the vegie patch :-) It was a nice outing :-)


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