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August 30, 2012

Sydney > Singapore > London

EUR_0844sonnyA380 , 2 gang ways, upstairs and downstairs EUR_0845sonnyok , lets go EUR_0847sonnyready for take off EUR_0848sonnyrunway north west EUR_0849sonnySutherland EUR_0850sonnyWestern Suburbs EUR_0851sonnyBlue Mountains EUR_0852sonnylate afternoon light EUR_0854sonnynight sky EUR_0855sonnyand about another 4 hours or so to go till we land in Singapore EUR_0856sonnyfast forward 10 or 12 hours and as luck would have it, this shot is taken at the very front of the plane, as in the the first door as in , someone got himself an upgrade to first class. Such a great surprise when you go to board your plane and as they scan your ticket , the handler gets a warning to check the boarding pass again, prints out a new one, and you look and it says first class, woauw, first time for me, so loving it, a proper bed was made up for me after dinner was served, so first time I actually had a proper sleep, not a long one but a real one EUR_0863sonnySo I had a lot of space and privacy, 3 windows, 2 screens and a big table plus another space for me to put my laptop, so I got a bit of work done as well EUR_0865sonnyearly morning light over Germany/Poland EUR_0866sonny

EUR_0869sonnyloving the colours EUR_0871sonnyI been on top of stairs a few times, and was always keen/curious to have a sticky beak down the stairs to have a look, but thought not to as it would be in appropriate to do so, and now that I am down here in return it feels in appropriate to go up the stairs :-) EUR_0873sonnysunrise over London as we circle to land EUR_0874sonnyand I can see all this on the big screen in front of me with the skycam EUR_0877sonny

EUR_0878sonnyHeathrow up ahead EUR_0880sonnyzoomed out EUR_0881sonnytouch down, and our Captain today, Carlyle Bruce, thanks for a smooth flight


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