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August 23, 2012

Things to see along Cape Tribulation Road, Daintree, Far north Queensland

EUR_8780sonnyDriving along the road, there are so many creeks and rivers we cross EUR_8783sonnyand all of them, the water is so crystal clear EUR_8788sonnyso you can see all those nice riverstones, and I wonder if it is safe to drink, I'm assuming it is, as it is all national park, just hills up stream EUR_8797sonnypretty spot ( and we hope too shallow for crocodiles :-) EUR_8800sonnyjust look at the clarity of that water EUR_8802sonny




EUR_8814sonnyyes, this is serious, be warned, only swim in the clearly marked swimming holes only, don;t just go swimming anywhere you like, people DO get attacked by crocodiles up EUR_8817sonnySee the red and blue in the middle of the photo, that is the neck and head of the elusive Cassowary bird, a flightless Emu like bird, except more pre historic looking with it's colours and distinctive horn like crest, that's a close as we get, they tend to disappear quickly when humans are around EUR_8822sonnyAlexandra look out, with the Daintree river flowing into the coral sea EUR_8824sonnyso lush EUR_8828sonny

EUR_8833sonnydriving back to our home Seascapes
EUR_8835sonnyin time for last rays of sunlight filtering through the jungle canopy EUR_8837sonny

EUR_8844sonnylate afternoon light EUR_8847sonny
hmm, paw paw not ripe yet :-( EUR_8867sonnytired from all those activities, kicking back in hammock, checking out the view of the mountains EUR_8869sonnytime for me to cook dinner :-)


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