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August 02, 2012

Waves, Waves and Whales

EUR_7802SonnyThe scene of Newports beached Whale as seen from Bilgola Headland ( see previous post ) EUR_7804SonnyAvalon beach, more like a washing machine and check all the salt spray coming up at Bangally EUR_7805Sonnybig set rolling through underneath me EUR_7807Sonnylooking like it will break into the trees EUR_7810Sonnyand another big wave, rarely see waves breaking here EUR_7815Sonnyrogue bomb way out in the ocean EUR_7819Sonny
awesome EUR_7826Sonny
!!!!! EUR_7830Sonnya lot of energy there EUR_7834SonnyNorth Avalon headland, with Kilcare Heights and Boudi form Central coast in the background EUR_7838SonnyBig clouds on the horizon EUR_7842SonnyWhale beach now, and this is just amazing to watch, these big waves smashing on to the rocks. On a normal day, there would be at least half a dozen Koreans fishing off those rocks EUR_7848SonnyWas just surfing out here a few days ago, but these waves are breaking so much further out to sea, it is quite incredible for me to see EUR_7856Sonny

EUR_7857Sonnyyep, definitely no rock fishing today, would not last very long, if you could even make it out there EUR_7858Sonny

if only you could harness that power, I mean look at it, it's like a few sticks of dynamite have just gone off EUR_7861Sonny







EUR_7901Sonnyevery now and then at Palm Beach a nice little beachie would peel like this, but very shifty EUR_7904Sonny
waves under the "Joey " EUR_7906Sonnycheck this out, couple of guys out at, well, don't know what this spot is called a sI 've never seen people surf out there before, paddling for the wave EUR_7908Sonnybig drop EUR_7909Sonnycheck the size of the wave and the size of the house EUR_7923Sonny
back to Whale Beach for another look at the power EUR_7933Sonny

same spot, but seen from the top as I head home EUR_7938Sonnyawesome


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