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August 02, 2012

Whale of a time, or Dead Whale, Big Swell

EUR_7711Sonnyso overnight a big adult humpback whale washed up on the beach and into the swimming pool, you can see how big it is, compared to the size of national parks person walking out of the pictureEUR_7708Sonnywhy, because there is a massive swell hitting the coast at the moment EUR_7715Sonnyaccording the wild life folks, it more than likely has been dead for 3-4 days and just happend to get washed up at Newport, funny, when you think of how big Australia's coastline is, so is it a co-incidence, that this is the 2nd dead whale in a little over a year, as we had one wash up last May ( click here to see my post ) on the same beach !! EUR_7717Sonnyyou can see on the left, where the bollards and chain have been flattend from the whale getting washed in the pool ( I guess those swimming lesson are cancelled this afternoon ) EUR_7725Sonnyin the distance, big wave breaking way out from Bilgola headland EUR_7729Sonnyand check the size of the waves breaking in the background EUR_7739Sonnyand again, massive wave out the back, this shot taken with 200mm lens so that wave out the back is a good 3-4 meter wave EUR_7740Sonny

EUR_7744Sonnybig crowd turn out, and all the TV crews are here as well, google Newport Beach Whale, and you will get lots of news stories and videos EUR_7760Sonny



EUR_7772Sonnythese 2 possibly did not see the above shark warning sign, or possibly did not care :-) EUR_7775Sonnybig wave out the back EUR_7777Sonny


EUR_7789Sonnycontinuous flow of people coming to look, take a photo, and walk back EUR_7794Sonnymassive waves rtolling into the Peak at Newport EUR_7796Sonnyand a bigger one behind EUR_7797Sonny

EUR_7798Sonnymight not look like much, but that is a big wave. I think I need to go for a drive and check out some of the other beaches witrh this swell coming in.


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Oh really? Wow I didnt know that! Thanks for sharing.

i even noticed Wim turned up to take a picture

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