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September 05, 2012

Brussels > New York City - Here I come

EUR_1083Sonnyphotoswoauw, check out the old plane next to us, Boeing 737 Romanian Air EUR_1086SonnyphotosI spoke to soon, should not have called the plane next to us an old plane, as we ended up stuck on tarmac while the engineers had to check a switch that was displaying an error. And naturally Romanian air did not have a problem and took of before us :-) Now, 45 min later, ready for take off, but I know I missed my connection to new york now, damn ! EUR_1088Sonnyphotossmoggy looking Brussels EUR_1091Sonnyphotos
Brussel's Atomium EUR_1092SonnyphotosLocation I've never really used to its max potential, and should ! EUR_1094SonnyphotosThe port at Ghent, zeehaven EUR_1097SonnyphotosBA planes had a paint job, I assume for the olympics EUR_1101Sonnyphotosif you look hard enough you will see the Belgian coastline EUR_1104Sonnyphotos



EUR_1124Sonnyphotosgreat view of the Thames snaking to the sea and the O2 at the bottom of the screen EUR_1128Sonnyphotosafter a quick exit and then a what seemed way too long queue to get new flight details as I landed when my connection took off, I had just enough time to go to the toilet and new terminal and board plane for New York EUR_1130Sonnyphotosall lined up ready to go EUR_1131Sonnyphotosbut wait, the queuing is not over yet ( turns out this will be all about queuing the next 3 weeks, queue to check in, queue at security screening, queue to board, queue to exit, queue at customs, queue at shows, damn I hate queuing up ) EUR_1134Sonnyphotosbut my seat is right on the wing, so no amazing cloud photos from this journey ( shame ) EUR_1141Sonnyphotosbest I can do when plane makes a turn to the left :-) EUR_1145Sonnyphotos6 hours later, descending to JFK airport ( I gave up trying to get a good cloud shot with that wing in the way )
ok, land and queue at customs


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hey sonny. u still got shots at atomium with me?
anyway I thought I was the only person addicted to shots out of plane windows. I have 1000s too.

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