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September 10, 2012

Kym Ellery SS13 Presentation New York Backstage

EUR_4471EllerySonnyElleryWas so happy to support fellow Aussie Kym doing her thing in New York, and you know me, like to take lots of photos and bring them here for you guys to see, but....there was so much screaming and yelling going on from those idiots at IMG who clearly have no idea and are more about everything being micro managed, not realzing that for their client, in this case Kym , to get the maximum exposure they also need to have shots taken backstage, but they whipped those models out of the backstage in a brooklyn typhoon, as they were so desperatly trying to get the models in the room, I was so mad, and then, they did not even let people in the room for another 20min anyway, so, even if I had an extra 5 min, I would have been able to get all the photos done Kym needed and the models would still have been standing around in the room for 15 min waiting. Live and learn hey Kym. Here's what I managed to scrape in with 45 seconds shooting time EUR_4480EllerySonnyEllery







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