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October 24, 2012

Shooting with Eliza Humble today for "Me & Zozo "

JacquiTurner 01shooting at Paddington reservoir, with one of the nicest, kindest models in Sydney. Which is why Jacqui decided to come gate crash the shoot so she could get a few more shots of her favourite model. As Jacqui said to me 3 years ago " Who;s the pretty blond backstage, she's the only one that always smiles for me when I point the camera at her " JacquiTurner 02love mixing daylight with flash for my shoots. Click here to go to Jacqui's blog and see some more behind the scenes photos from this shoot and a few nice shots of Eliza as well :-) Mezozo01here's some more behind the scenes photos that Monia took as well Mezozo02

Mezozo03love this shot. Head over to Me & Zozo to see more.

here are some of the shots for the look book component I shot HMEL6930sonnyphotos









Eliza Humble natural light ( no flash ) HMEL7165sonnyphotosprplhpstill had 40 minutes up our sleeve so we shot some extra shots HMEL7183sonnyphotosprplhpyes, yes, I did do some "skin enhancement " but ever so minimal ( like, took me 15 min ) as Eliza really has flawless skin :-) HMEL7174sonnyphotosprplhp




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