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October 08, 2012

Some Phone snaps from the past month

IMG_1239SonnySoho Garden at Soho Grand Hotel IMG_1242Sonnyview from my room @ Soho Grand, with all the traffic below piling up for the tunnel to Jersey IMG_1243SonnyThe Freedom towers going up, see-ing this makes me shudder, imagine standing here on the morning of the 11th Sept 2001, and looking at the same view, how horrible a sight it would have been IMG_1246Sonny
Grandlife Aussie girls ( a couple of them, there's more :-) IMG_1249Sonny
Grandlife boys ( why so serious ) IMG_1250SonnyGrand Life car ? IMG_1252Sonnyno IMG_1255Sonnybut on my wish list to buy for Jacqui when I win the lotto IMG_1258Sonnyback in Belgium, Zeebaars for dinner ( sauce was a bit heavy for the fish I thought ) IMG_1263Sonnylove the architecture at Paris airport IMG_1264Sonny
including the car park IMG_1266Sonnynothing like a home cooked meal, especially after running around fashion shows for days on end IMG_1267Sonnythanks for the wonderful dinners Sydney & Martine IMG_1268Sonnyback to backstage, checking out the collection and the modesl before the show starts IMG_1270Sonnyview over the roof tops at Palais Des Beaux Arts IMG_1271Sonnywon't be missing this, driving in the rain on European highways ( Trucks are a worry ) IMG_1273Sonnybut in the defense of the cold, miserable , drizzly constant wet belgium weather, it does come with it's charm, even as I am driving along here, the thought is in my head, that soon, I will be inside, where it is nice and cozy and warm, and mainly the feeling of " gezellig ". Something you feel when you are with friends or family, sitting inside, and enjoying the company and forgetting about the miserable-ness outside IMG_1276Sonnyon my daily visit to Granny, sandwiches and coffee IMG_1278SonnyAutumn mornings IMG_1284Sonnylast Belgium dinner, horsemeat, was very tasty ( sorry for the horse lovers out there )


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because i don't know what Sydney's mum looks like, but yes it's not quite Nadine, the rest is correct?

I think you are mixing up Sydney's mother with Nadine

bye the way: is that Nadine, Lilliane and Roger with Martinneke??

njamm, all that ¨lekkers¨, but not so keen on the air polluter you have on your wish list!! granny looks so good for her 89 year,wow.

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