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December 08, 2012

London > Singapore

HMEL0217SonnyphotosSo after shooting Castelbajac yesterday, next day already back on the plane heading home. In Europe less than 4 days, crazy, but had to do it HMEL0224Sonnyphotosso just woke up about 9 hours into the fligth, was nothing to shoot as we left London in the evening, and we are now about 2-3 hours out of Singapore, was very cloudy, as in thick dense cloud, nothing to see, up till now HMEL0230Sonnyphotos
somewhere near Aceh HMEL0234Sonnyphotosbut this is wha tI was hoping to get, the sun reflection, gives me this great effect HMEL0242Sonnyphotos



HMEL0256Sonnyphotosamazing cloud photos if I can say so myself, I love that there are several layers of clouds in the one photo
HMEL0261Sonnyphotossun getting lower now, will be landing on sunset in Singapore HMEL0268Sonnyphotos


HMEL0277SonnyphotosRupat HMEL0282Sonnyphotos


HMEL0289Sonnyphotosgot to love frequent flyer programs, lucky me got an upgrade at the gate HMEL0290SonnyphotosI remember not so long ago, wondering if I would ever make it to the front of the plane, and here I am with my own little cubicle, feeling pretty lucky and loving the extra luxury, as in , I got to really sleep as opposed to just snooze HMEL0294Sonnyphotos
HMEL0297Sonnyphotoscoming in to land HMEL0303Sonnyphotossitting a bit away form the window so instead taking shots of the big screen and skycam HMEL0306Sonnyphotosheavy clouds HMEL0313Sonnyphotosboats of singapore harbour HMEL0319Sonnyphotosairport in sight HMEL0320Sonnyphotosrunway in sight HMEL0321Sonnyphotosabout to touch down HMEL0322Sonnyphotostouch down ( and camera movement ) HMEL0325Sonnyphotosparking,quick shower and then back on board and another good sleep hopefully


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sleeping is so much better than snoozing :-)

That flight was a dream or as close as it can come considering how many hours..xxxx

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