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January 19, 2013

A Snow Covered Paris Friday Night, making my way home after last show

_IM_9984SnowInParisSonnyphotosAfter the Berluti presentation iin the natural museum, this is what greeted me at the doorway _IM_9990SnowInParisSonnyphotosthe whole park white and no one around, a nice eerie silence for Paris _IM_9994SnowInParisSonnyphotosI think this is one of the only shows where everyone would have taken a photo after they left the venue ( a first ? ) _IM_9999SnowInParisSonnyphotos

_IM_0001SnowInParisSonnyphotoslove the silence _IM_0004SnowInParisSonnyphotos


_IM_0017SnowInParisSonnyphotosfor 9:30 on a friday nigth, Paris really slowed right down _IM_0019SnowInParisSonnyphotosRichard looking for a taxi to get to Gare Du Nord _IM_0021SnowInParisSonnyphotos

_IM_0023SnowInParisSonnyphotosstill snowing _IM_0035SnowInParisSonnyphotosStreets of Montmartre, never seen them like this _IM_0043SnowInParisSonnyphotosuseless transportation in these conditions, they get no grip and back wheel just goes sideways ( quite funny to see though ) _IM_0046SnowInParisSonnyphotoslooks more like a shot in the Alps, the scooters give it away that it's not _IM_0052SnowInParisSonnyphotos



_IM_0067SnowInParisSonnyphotosnearly there, one more block to go . Just loving how quite it is, this placeis usually buzzing at this time on a Friday night ( well, any night really ) And look how pretty it is _IM_0073SnowInParisSonnyphotos

_IM_0075SnowInParisSonnyphotosIn the morning, still all there and forecast for more to come :-)


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Thanks Leen, and yes, surprisingly for Paris, he did as soon as he get around the corner,, Luck I guess

beautiful shots! did Richard find a taxi? that is a great shot !

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