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January 23, 2013

Last (snow covered ) day in Paris and driving late at night to Belgium

After the Thom Browne show I got a ride back to the center of Paris with the Federatios shuttle bus. So some tourists shots before I head back to Belgium PAR_9687sonnyphotos

PAR_9688sonnyphotoseveryone talks about Paris in the spring time and how beautiful it is, but Paris blanketted in a thick layer of snow is magical to me PAR_9691sonnyphotos

PAR_9696sonnyphotosone of the petrol stations I stopped at along the way ( I stopped at several to top up on coffee ) a third of the way, and just had to take some shots to show how much snow was lying around. I mean, usually in busy places it gets all mushed up , but this time there was so much of it that it , well stayed white PAR_9698sonnyphotosI probably done about 100-120 km by now, and look at the bonnet of my car, still thick with snow PAR_9702sonnyphotos
nearly empty highway, close to midnight, and far lane totally white PAR_9706sonnyphotosdifferent white balance. And look at the snow still on my bonnet in foreground, crazy, meanwhile in Sydney it was 46 degrees , ha PAR_9709sonnyphotos

well, that was an epic drive, never driven on so much snow for such a long period of time, usually, this time of night I do this trip in just under 3 hours, took me well over 4 hours, and rightly so, was pretty slippery in some spots PAR_9714sonnyphotosnext day had a pretty long sleep in and spend most of the day indoor, but in the evening ventured into Mechelen to have dinner at Den Beer. This is the view outside the restaurant, on one side the local council chambers PAR_9718sonnyphotosand the other side the Cathedral/church St Rombouts tower, and all still covered in snow PAR_9724sonnyphotosnext day, a quick look at the street where I stay, the street has turned into ice skating lane, whatever you do, don't use your brakes when driving
And riding a bike, forget it PAR_9727sonnyphotos

PAR_9728sonnyphotosneeds to drop another 5 degrees before that freezes ( too much pollution in the water ) PAR_9733sonnyphotosLater that afternoon I drive to Wim & Hilda's for dinner. Love this assortment of bird houses on the wall with christmas lights PAR_9743sonnyphotoslove it PAR_9747sonnyphotos
never say never, but I doubt I will ever see this in Sydney PAR_9750sonnyphotosin these winter conditions , you just have to put food out for the birds PAR_9770sonnyphotostesting out the smoker I got for them from Australia, result, great, I'm buying one for myself now PAR_9773sonnyphotosnext morning, frost on my window. Migt have to go for a walk this morning out in the cold with camera.


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Sorry, that's what I thought you were going for, to have birds come live in them, a bird ghetto :-)

they're not bird houses!!!
it's my artwork 'favela-slums-bidonville-sloppenwijk'
but I wouldn't mind birds living in them

I don;t really have the right clothes either
yes it's from Granny, I just wrote, I got them, as in I got it for them from granny :-)

wish i could see and feel it but i really don't have the right clothes to venture out in freezing weather.Paris does indeed look icely beautiful in the snow!
isn't the smoker supposed to be from granny?

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