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June 25, 2013

After a day in Belgium is off Again, Brussel > Madrid > Lisbon

TOM_8024sonnyphotosleaving the darkness behind TOM_8029sonnyphotos

TOM_8035sonnyphotosafter an hour of big blanket of cloud, Spain TOM_8036sonnyphotosloving the patterns TOM_8037sonnyphotos

TOM_8041sonnyphotosnearing Madrid TOM_8050sonnyphotosand look, June, summer time, and still snow on mountain tops near Madrid TOM_8052sonnyphotos





TOM_8064sonnyphotosI'm not sure that this is usual for this time of year TOM_8068sonnyphotos30 min at airport and off again, Lisbon bound TOM_8070sonnyphotosflying west TOM_8079sonnyphotosbig nose TOM_8085sonnyphotosspain portugal border TOM_8090sonnyphotosSetubal and Setubal bay, just south of Lisbon TOM_8093sonnyphotos

TOM_8096sonnyphotosLake Albufeira TOM_8098sonnyphotosKite Surfing at Caparica beach TOM_8100sonnyphotoslooks like some fun waves down there TOM_8105sonnyphotosmouth of the mighty Tejo river TOM_8106sonnyphotosPort Of Alges, Lisbon TOM_8108sonnyphotosold aquaduc, wonder if this is roman ? TOM_8109sonnyphotos

TOM_8110sonnyphotosabout to land
Lucky for me, client landed 30 minutes before me from Amsterdam, so we both rode to hotel together.
But must say, there is something about Portugese, they love to play tour guide and give us all the explanation and history, at first it was great, but then it became too trivial especially when we wer trying to have our own conversation lol


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